In this blog, our director and head of property, Nicholas McVeigh-Crabbe, talks about what he looks out for when searching for top-quality salespeople. Read on to find out what these qualities are…

Proactive, passionate and willing to go the extra mile, great salespeople thrive on building genuine relationships with their customers. With years of experience recruiting for sales roles in the property market, at STAR Recruitment we know exactly what to look out for when looking for potential salespeople.

Qualities to look out for

There are so many aspects that make up an amazing salesperson. These can include tenacity, resilience, passion, drive and of course outstanding customer service. They also need to be problem solvers who are self-motivated, with the confidence and ability to connect with anyone through their excellent communication skills.

It’s difficult to pin down a number-one characteristic to look out for, but passion, confidence and drive can often be wrapped up into one singular trait. We can teach anyone to be a fantastic recruiter but if someone doesn’t have the inner drive to win business by delivering it with passion and confidence they will struggle in a sales role.

Nailing the CV

A great-looking CV is a balance between giving enough information to make the hiring manager want to meet the candidate, but not enough information for them to be discounted.

There are some simple rules I have regarding CVs, such as it should be no more than two pages, focusing more on your achievements rather than responsibilities, and editing your CV so it ties into the role you are applying to. Also, don’t head it with ‘Curriculum Vitae’ – everyone knows what a CV looks like so there’s no need to waste space!

Challenges recruiting salespeople 

Every industry has its challenges with hiring salespeople, and the property is no different. A lot of STAR’s clients have justifiably high expectations because some homes may be on the market for more than £1 million. We are fortunate that our clients trust our judgement and expertise to filter out average salespeople from the great salespeople.

Like with any role, you can usually teach someone how to sell – what you can’t teach is attitude and the drive that is required to not only achieve targets but smash them. Sales is an easy position to fall into but not everyone is suited to it.

The weight of having to hit targets whilst providing outstanding customer service is a balance that few people can master, but the recruiters at STAR have an expert eye in seeing the potential in some people, particularly if they are coming from outwith the industry.

Experience isn’t always necessary 

You don’t need lots of sales experience to be a great salesperson, but having some sales experience is beneficial. There are many roles out there that have the same target pressures as sales, such as the legal profession, medical practice and delivery drivers.

The people that stand out from the crowd and exceed their targets are the ones that have the right attitude and motivation to succeed. It doesn’t matter what profession you work in, there will always be some element of sales – you can, therefore, use your transferable skills to move to a role in property or even recruitment.

There are some similar careers within the property industry that give you the skills to work in other areas, such as estate agency and new homes. However, we have found there are specific roles outside of the industry, such as cabin crew and beauty sales, that work fantastically well in the property market.

We have built up a strong brand reputation within the property sector, so we find that people from all walks of life approach us directly to find a sales role in property.

The recruitment process

While some rare individuals are so exceptional that just takes thirty seconds before you know they will make an outstanding salesperson, most clients we work with will have a two or three-stage interview process.

The hiring manager or company will have their style and recruitment process to filter out who is potentially suitable and confirm in the latter stages if they are a yes or no. For example, we have three stages – a telephone interview; a face to face interview with the Directors; and then a third stage which involves the candidate completing an online profile assessment and then having a coffee with some of our senior team to hear what it is like to work at STAR and the recruitment industry.

Like with anything in life, follow your gut instinct – if you meet a salesperson and think they are perfect for the role, move fast because there is no point in wasting anyone’s time.

Dispelling myths about salespeople 

The most ridiculous myth about salespeople is that they are dishonest people who will do anything to get a sale.

This may be true for some, but with our clients and the team at STAR it is the complete opposite – we focus on building a successful long-term reputation and partnership with our clients rather than just a quick win.

Searching for amazing salespeople for your company, or think you have what it takes to excel in a sales role? Get in touch with the team at STAR today – we’d love to help.