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We are a construction recruitment company that combines our personal approach with a team of trusted industry experts that you’ll love working with.

We know that finding the right staff, often at short notice, can be a pressure point for many companies. We harness our passion for people to solve problems and match the best candidates to the right companies.

We understand that reliability is an essential trait of any good construction candidate, which is why we have a rigorous interview and reference process to ensure that we are completely confident that you can count on them when you need them most.

Finding people with the right training can also be a challenge. With the UK and beyond currently facing a skills shortage, it can be difficult to find high-quality candidates without expending a lot of time and effort.

This is where the STAR Recruitment team shines – we love taking the time to get to know your company’s needs and develop a keen grasp of your company culture. We then spend time nurturing a rich pool of candidates, who we get to know through tailored interviews. This means we can quickly be ready to offer up the perfect candidates who can be trusted perform to the high standards of your company.

Our 100% retention rate speaks for itself. As one of the best-performing construction recruitment agencies in the UK, we have a wide variety of candidates available for employment at any time for temporary or open-ended positions.

At STAR Recruitment, our dedicated in-house team is comprised of staff from across the construction, management and recruitment backgrounds who can quickly get to grips with your account. With our unique mix of industry experience and energetic commitment to providing excellent customer service, our team understands not only how construction companies work, but how best to recruit for them.

During my time working with STAR Reruitment, I have always found the communication from the team to be excellent, both in terms of updates and following up with myself and candidates.

STAR is very professional, and I am confident in their ability to represent Kelvin as an extension of our recruitment team. Their team spends time getting to know candidates and are always able to provide an extensive background and the reasons a candidate has been submitted based on the brief.

Laura Davidson, HR Manager with Kelvin KBB 



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